Breaking: SMIC on US Blacklist

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Instead of a topic for discussion, we would like to bring you the breaking news that China’s leading chip maker, SMIC, was put on the US sanctions list on Friday.

Department of Commerce told American companies in the chip industry, in a letter, that they must acquire a license in order to sell technology to SMIC and its subsidiaries. The reason given is that SMIC’s chip production “may pose an unacceptable risk of diversion to a military end use in the People’s Republic of China.” (read more)

SMIC is China’s most advanced chip manufacturer, and a major supplier to Huawei. Last week, SMIC applied for a license in the US in order to continue to supply Huawei.

SMIC has recently gone public in China’s STAR market, and established major manufacturing centers for quantity production of 14NM chips, the most advanced the Chinese mainland chip industry can deliver at the moment.

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