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While many dreamed that the Internet could make information free and would bring the world together, we've seen opposite trends. Corporations wall of their part of their internet so they can charge for access to info. We think of that as normal today.

The other less mentioned part of the Internet is how the West uses it to spy and actually control the narrative in its own favor. Wikipedia is a great example of something that claims to be neutral and objective, but is actually putting forward a Western liberal viewpoint that reinforces its own values.

The technological split is really an outcome of the West being unable to exert the Internet's role as a tool of Western propaganda on other countries. There's nothing wrong with countries defending their sovereignty, including their Internet space.

Although this split is new, it's not very different regarding how much of the Internet is already under a paywall. Same mechanism, but different aims. What happens next is really a matter of whether the world can develop towards a multilateral order peacefully or not. Although many wish for peace, it seems like a less likely outcome given the current atmosphere.

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