Sitemap - 2022 - China BIG Idea

Season's Greetings

China-EU Summit; Chinese chipmaker; Baidu, Iqiyi for Possible Delisting; Solomon Islands; Patriot/Chinese Fighter Jets; The Great Translation Movement

Shanghai Full Lockdown; PMI; Lavrov in China; Trilateral Cooperation Agreement; US-Philippines joint Exercises

People's Daily Supports Russia; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Alipay; Evergrande; Singapore; Livestream; Australia

Green BRI; CDR; Shanghai Lockdown; Fiscal Relief; DJI; Four Asian Nation Tour

SEC Audit Rule Non-negotiable; Covid Surge; Sinopec Investment Suspension in Russia; Plane to Moscow Reversed; Biden's Speech on Tian'anmen; G20

NATO Statement; Most-Favored Nation Status; Tariff Removal; Hikvision; Chinese Telecom;

Zero-Covid; Renewable Energy Plan 2025; Horn of Africa; NATO Addresses China; Chinese SPY Arrests in the US; Alibaba, Tencent and JD layoffs

Ant Group; 5-pronged Economic Policy; Alibaba; Real Estate; Securities Firm; Evergrande; Real Estate; US Visa Ban

Xi-Biden Call; Chines Aircraft Carrier near Taiwan; Senate New Bill Targets CIPS; Lavrov's Beijing Trip Canceled; China's Stealth Jet; China Subtle Shift on Ukraine

Message of Stability; Liu He; PBoC; CSRC; CBIRC; China's retaliation Stance; India Considers RMB;

Economic performance; Covid Surge; Sullivan-Yang Meeting; Alibaba & Tencent Layoff; Italy-China

Final Year of Li Keqiang’s Premiership and China’s 2022 Economic Outlook: Defense Budget, Digital Currency Pilot, US Delisting, Yoon Suk-Yeol, Special Weekend Edition of 13 March

Premier Press Conference; SOHO; COVID; Qingshan; PBoC and Credit Contraction

China's Foreign Policy Position; CPI/PPI; Infrastructure; SEC delisting;

Defense Budget; Capital Market Reform; Central Bank; China-EU; South Korean-China;

US-China; China-Russia; Digital RMB; 5 Reforms; US-ASEAN Summit; SEC Delisting; Trilateral Meeting on Ukraine

Government Work Report & 2022 Targets, 2021 Economic Performance, Real Estate Debt, Taiwan Visits, AIIB Suspension, Data-Computing Roadmap, Special Weekend Edition of 06 March

Government Work Report; Financial Reform; East-West Data Computing Roadmap; Ukraine;

AIIB; GDP Per Capita; Party Member Commandments; Taiwan; Pompeo; 301 Investigations

Economic Matrix 2021; Russia Trade; Chinese Corporates in Russia; Huawei; Chinese Banks; Taiwan; Real Estate

PMI; US-China; Australia; Chips; Ukraine; Zero-Covid; Nio;

How is the Ukrainian crisis impacting China? No. 1 Document, RMB Assets, Digital Payment, Entertainment Industry, SoEs and Coffee, Special Weekend Edition of 27 Feb

No. 1 Document; Financial Corruption; Ukraine; Anti-Sanctions Law; 8-Child Chained Mother; South Korea;

RMB; Shanghai; EV; Nio; Infrastructure; WTO; China on Russia; Coffee Market Competition

Financial Stimulus; WeChat and Alipay; Real Estate Stimulus; Ukraine; Taiwan;

Silver-haired Economy; Super-computing Hubs; Antitrust; Meituan; China on Ukraine; US Blacklist; Entertainment Industry crackdown

How Ukraine Tension Draws Russia and China Closer: Real Estate, FDI, Iron Speculation, Olympic Tech, France-China Third Market, Special Weekend Edition of Feb. 20

Data Infrastructure; Meituan; Solar; US-China Monetary Policy; COVID in HK; Biden's Indo-Pacific Strategy

CPTPP;Lou/Paulson; China-Mexico; China-Ukraine;Zhejiang Entrepreneurship; Solomon Island; Blinken Indo Pacific;

CPI/PPI; Agriculture; Iron Ore; MSCI China; NYSE listings; Chinese Stocks; China Solar; China-France Cooperation

Consumption, Savings, FDI, Real Estate Woes, Germany, Olympic Technology, US-China Trade

Dark Undercurrent beneath Beijing Winter Olympics, or Why West and China need to understand each other: Holiday Consumption, Monetary Policy, Tech War, Argentina, Special Weekend Edition of Feb 13

Peng Shuai on Sexual Miscontuct Allegations; Feng County Turmoil;

Olympics; Central Bank; Eileen Gu; SMEE; Indonesia HSR;

Chinese Stock Market Reacts to Unverified List; PBoC Rental Housing Support; EU Chips Act; Argentina Joints BRI; Sino-Egyptian Relations; COVID

Consumption over Chinese NY; RMB Exchange Rate; Restrictions on Cash; China-Russia Deal; NSA on China/Russia; 33 Companies on "Unverified List"

China's Carbon Pledge; Alibaba Caught Up in Corruption Scandal; Shenzhen's Market Access Reforms; International Sourcing Platform; Micron Closes Shanghai Design Hub; U.S. Diplomats' Departure.

Huang on China's Future; New Urban Landscape; U.S. Diplomats to Depart China; China Competition Bill; Alibaba Cloud Scrutinized; Xi Meets IOC Chief.

Taiwan Comprehensive Strategy; PBoC Rate Cut; American Semiconductor Bill; China-Central Asia Ties; Joint Naval Drills in Gulf of Oman.

A Reality Check, before it’s too late: 4th Quarter GDP, Semiconductor Production, Anti-corruption, Unemployment, Special Weekend Edition of 23 January

Data on Spending & Unemployment; Former Top Official Speaks on Trade; China's Aoyuan at Risk of Default; Ride-Sharing Platforms Summoned; Tech Firms Navigate Regulatory Minefield; US Antitrust Bill.

Anti-Corruption Drive's Momentum; SOE Reform; China Petroleum Under Scrutiny; U.S. Tariffs Here to Stay; Xi and Putin to Meet Again; Chilean Court Slams Breaks on EV Deal.

Semiconductor Production; Income & Expenses; Expanding Domestic Consumption; Infrastructure Investment; PBOC Signals Further Action; Slovenian PM on Taiwan; Chinese and Estonian FM Meeting.

China GDP Figures for 2021; Interest Rate Movement; Property Developers' Debt Burden; Tier-1 Housing Prices; Washington's View of Rare Earths; Sino-North Korean Trade.

Emerging Policy leading up to 2025 Industrial Ambition, Industrial Policy, Digital Economy, Market Liberalization, Special Weekend Edition of 16 January

Domestic Industrial Supply China Migration; December CPI & PPI; Omicron; Putin-Xi; Chinese "Spy" in the UK

A Vision for Digital Economic Development; China-US/China-EU Trade; China-Nicaragua Ties Soar with BRI Agreement; Wang Yi in the Horn of Africa; Didi's Hong Kong Listing; Unicorns.

Digital Economy 2025; Central Bank Year-end Data; Intel's Xinjiang Letter; Middle East Foreign Ministers Head to China; China-Sri Lanka Debt Issue; Unicorns

Market Reforms Target Production; Mortgage Approval and M&A; Great Power Stakes in Kazakhstan's Stability; U.S.-Japan Virtual Talks; Tencent Drops SEA Shares; Unicorns.

How China's Economic Success can be Sustained, RCEP, Extra Liquidity, New Lockdown, Enhanced Tech Rules, Cyberspace Administration & Antitrust, Special Weekend Edition of 9 January

Huawei suffers from Revenues Drop amidst International Restrictions;Unicorns.

China's Next Phase of Liberalization; Fresh Lockdowns; Enhanced Tech Rules; HK Media Outlets Shuttered, Americans Sanctioned; Unicorn.

Fresh Regulatory Action on Data & Privacy; Agriculture 2025 Plan; Antitrust; Tesla’s Xinjiang Showroom Sparks Controversy; Indonesia's Coal Export Ban; Unicorns.

PBOC Support for SMEs; Real Estate Borrowing Trends; RCEP Enters into Force; Chip Manufacturers' Lobbying Efforts.