Sitemap - 2020 - China BIG Idea

Special Year-end Edition: Top 8 Trends in China 2021

Rural Conference; Antitrust 2021; Biden on China; China-EU; Oil output; Offshore Oil; Energy IPO; Weibo; Online Education; AI Unicorn

Alibaba; Ant; JD; AI; Debt; Quasi-financial Co. Regulation; US-China; UK Diplomat

Alibaba Investigation; Digital War on Fresh Produce; Ant; China-EU; TCL; China-AU BRI; Tencent; China Predictions 2021; TO8TO

Fintech; Alipay; New Urbanization Plan; Vocational Training; Gracell; Chinese Listings; China-EU BIT;

Demand-Side Management; 10 Tasks for 2021; SMIC; China Eastern; Sanctions; Xinhua Editorial; Ezra Vogel; Gucci; COVID19; Tencent Unicorn

Seeking Common Ground: Your Country, Your Development, a special Weekly Edition

Retail; Income & Leisure Expense; Moon Soil; Lakeside Uni.; Huawei; IPOs; FBI Report; Wish; Roborock; Wachai

5G; Blackouts; Submarines; Barley, Coal, Iron Ore; Sinking Market; Blue Moon IPO; Ruyi Defaults; 2020 IPOs; NEV

North/South Divide; Wind & Solar; Computer National Security; SMIC; Suning; JPM; JD; Politburo on US-China; Mekong River; Australian Coal;

Digital RMB New Feature; 3 Anti-trust Tickets Issued; Economic 6 Stabilities+6 Guarantees for 2021; Deflation in November; 7 Diplomacy Priorities 2021; Beijing MOOC Declaration; NASDAQ; UK Nuclear;

Innovation: State, Science and Wealth: 5-year Plans, Chip Shortage, DCEP, Health Insurance & Pension Reform, Space Exploration, Goldman, a Special Weekend Edition

Insurance Reform; Central 6 Provinces; Goldman; Tianqi; China Resources; NATO; Sanctions; China-N.Korea; Miss Fresh; US Listing; AI

Debt & Debt Spillover; Shipbuilding SOE; Automobile Chip Shortage; US' China Threat; Next Ambassador;

Hainan Plan; Chinese Arms Manufacturers; JD Health; Suzhou Digital RMB Pilot; Media on 5G; SMIC $7.6B Venture; Chengdu COVID19; TikTok; China in Africa; Sanctions;

Space Quest; Space "Pearl Harbor"; Sanctions of Sanctions of Senior 14; United Front; IR Professor; FTSE; Xinhualian Default; 300M Vaccines by SinoVac

One Small Step: Long Vision 2035 Action Plans, PMI New High, P2P Fintech, Edmund Phelps: Risk, Policy, Macro, Investment, a Special Weekend Edition

USCC; CPC Member Visas; US-listings; Biden on Tariffs; Shenzhen Speculation; Grey Rhino; Fiscal Frugality; Employment First Policy; Vaccine Diplomacy; Ant; Cambricon

IPR Protection; P2P; Vaccine; Business Suspension Trial; Xiaomi; JD; China VC in the US; Japan; Philippines

PMI Best in 3 Years; Delay Retirement Age; Solid Waste Import Abolition; Hydroelectric at the Yarlung Tsangpo; Bond Storm; Australia; NATO; VIPKID

1+3+2 Strategy for 2020-2035, 4 Reform Areas, Transportation over 14th FYP, Chip, China's UHNWI, Social Security Fund, Ant ABS, Ruhnn, Royole, Kissinger, CEIEC, Netease

Digital Divide, CPTPP, Carbon Neutral, Health Code, PBoC; Delisting Rules; Asset Management Growth; Australia; Japan; Kingsoft Cloud

Poverty Elimination; Huawei; Oil Refining Capacity; Rare Earth; Shanghai Smart City; Religious Leaders; 4 Provincial Leadership Change; Debt Woes; Zhihu

G20, Digital Infrastructure; QR code; Poverty Elimination;Internet Bluebook; Evergrande; Debt Defaults; Investment Ban; UK Carrier;

Our peace will, like a broken limb united, grow stronger for the breaking: RCEP, Negative Interest, SOE default, Tsinghua Unigroup, Baidu, Kissinger, a Special Weekend Edition

Import, APEC; BRICS; Chips; Euro-bond; Hot Money Inflow; Danke; Dadi

More Subsidies; Consumption; Poverty Status in Sichuan; SF; China's Express Delivery Landscape; China's 1st Negative-Yielding bond; PBoC; Kennan-style Document on China; Investment Decoupling

BRICS Partnership for the New Industrial Revolution; Kissinger on US-China; Baidu; Huawei Honor; TikTok; Unigroup; Tianqi Lithium; Brilliance Auto Default; Blockchain Bond

Features of the RCEP; Huawei; State Grid; Tsinghua Unigroup; BrillIance Auto; Investment Decoupling; Nio; AI;

Digital Gordian Knot, Trade, 11.11: a Special Weekend Edition of Weekly Highlights

RCEP Signing; Dalio on RMB; 5G; Huawei; Fintech; PDD; Pudong; Taiwan; HongKong; Japan; Somalia; Unicorn

Agri 2020; 5G; Reform; BRI; Urbanization; Deflation? Blockchain-based CD Issuance; HK; TikTok

Antitrust Wipes $100B; 11.11; PBoC on Financial Stability; Top Retail City; Huawei Honor; Bridgewater; Taiwan

US-China post Election; Foreign Reserve; Greater Bay Area; Alibaba; Kuaishou; Apple; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Import Expo; Du Xiaoman

Tech, Poverty and the World: China Outlines the 2020's

30 least developing Export Nations; Nanjing Rise, Tianjin Decline; Wuhan Recovery;Hybrid-rice; Fintech regulation on Ant; Australia; Philippines; US-China

$22T Import Market; SOE Reform Advice; 10 Import Promotion Zones; Municipal Debt; Tesla; Huawei; US; Taiwan; Europe; Foldable Screen Tech

New Western Passage; Education Spending; Data & Demographics; Ant; Evergrande; US; Diplomatic Corp; ASEAN; Quad

Ant Group; Income Gap; NEV 2021-2035;Three Gorges Dam; Delisting Rule; Huawei; Swiss; Australia; Turkey; US Treasury; AI Unicorn

China’s Incoming Five-Year Plan and the Future of Globalization-a Weekend Edition of China BIG Idea

14th FYP; Long Vision 2035; Super Aging; Ant Group; Lufax; Maldives; US; Fox Hunt

New Development Theory; Chongqing; Rural Plan; STAR Market; DCEP Counterfeits; Industrial Profits; Yiwu Index; UN;

5th Plenum; 14th Five-Year Plan; Long Vision 2035; Energy Plan 2035; Jack Ma; Taiwan; UK; HK; Ant IPO

Bund Summit, PBoC Law; Digital RMB; IIoT Finance; 5th Plenum; Long Vision 2035; US Media and Defense Sanctioned; Phase 1 Report; Xinjiang, DJI

Recovery, Reform, Future : a Special Weekend Edition of Weekly Highlights

Conclude 13th Five-Year Plan; eSIM License Heats up IoTs; PBoC; 6 More State Media on Foreign Mission list in the US; Brazil Tussle from 5G to Vaccine; Central & Eastern Europe; Ireland

SOE Reform; Government Drives IDC Boom; Q4 Economy; Huawei; Corruption; Alibaba; CICC; Bilibili; Evergrande EV

Export Control Law; Q3 Macro Breakdown; NDRC on Energy; REITs for Digital Infrastructure; Ant Group; C19 Vaccine Publicly Available; Canada; Australia; Fiji; Taiwan;

Nation Moves to Quantum; Details of Shenzhen Reform; C919 Chinese Airplanes; Ant IPO Delay;E-commerce Addresses Poverty; Lufax IPO; China-US; Finland; Vaccines

China's First Chip University

Shenzhen Speech; Steps to Carbon Neutral 2060; Q3 GDP 5% Range Forecast; Sovereign Bond; China Southern; Tibet; UNHRC; Malaysia; Tencent-backed MINISO IPO; First Chip University

What is China Buying; Shenzhen 40 Years; Evergrande Risk; Huawei; CSRC Ambition; 10 Characteristics of Decoupling; Chinese Assessment of the US; Taiwan; China-Japan; Unicorn

Trade Surge; 50K Digital Currency Red Packets; PBoC Cools RMB; Stock Market Hits $10T; Tencent's $10B Merger; COVID-19 in Qingdao; 20 Years in Africa; France Removes Mongol Exhibit; Coal Trade in Oz

Shenzhen Socialist Demonstration Zone; Dual-Circulation Economy; Weapons to Decoupling; Trust Default; Tuber; Huawei; Covax; South China Sea; Confucius Institute; Unisound

New Economic Strategy

8 Eminent Economists on China; Ant-Factor; Mutual Fund Industry Rise; Alibaba; Huawei; Hydrogen Vehicle; US More Export Ban; Australia; Unicorn

Flight to RMB; Huawei +Xiaomi; Digital Social Security; Geely IPO; Philippines; UN; Animation Blockbuster

Flight to RMB; Huawei +Xiaomi; Digital Social Security; Geely IPO; Philippines; UN; Animation Blockbuster

Satellite Internet; Auto & NEV; HKEX CEO Resign; Social Security; Box Office; Patriotism Obligation; Vatican, Bangladesh; the Quad; Education Unicorn

Party Code of Conduct; Internet Ambition 2020; SMIC; Huawei; Sina; Sogou, Wanda; Alibaba-Dufry; Apex; Canada; Communist Green Card Ban; UK Uni.Security Vetting; Unicorn

Big Data Tells Tourism Trends this Golden Week

AI Drive; 24 Healthcare IPOs 2020; PBOC Tightens Cash Out; Huawei; Environment; Evergrande Rocks Cabinet; 8.7M College Graduate Jobs; Airline Sale; Pakistan; Beethoven

Infrastructure & Trade Policies; Vaccine; Military Drills in Four Seas; Investment Drop in Australia; Lithium M&A; Perfect Diary IPO; Portugal Asked to Side; Unicorn

Rural & SOE Revitalization Plan; TikTok; SMIC; Evergrande; PingAn; FTSE China Inclusion; Carbon Neutral 2060; G20 Debt Freeze; Tsinghua; Food Scandal;

Breaking: SMIC on US Blacklist

Beijing FTZ; Hot Money Pushes RMB Higher; Showdown at the UN; Turkey's Turn; Huawei Moves; PDD/China Post Partnership; Wind Power Reaches 17% by 2050.

Key Financial Reform; STAR50 ETF Debut; Overheated Chip Market; Luckin Punished; Sweden-China; Taiwan; China-India; Shanghai Police Chief; Unicorn

Unreliable Entities; 3 FTZs on Financial Reform; Huawei Partners National Academy; Tencent; Critic Sentenced; Hainan Mega Infrastructure; Canada FTA Over; Education Cleanup; FlashEx

$68B ODI; New Battle in LATAM; CCP Tightened Party Discipline; People's Daily Addresses US-China Relations; TikTok (no)Deal; Moutai Finances Infrastructure

TikTok, WeChat, and China's Unreliable Entity List

Three Economic Horses all Recovered; Supra Reg on Financial Holdings; Tech Fights for Grab; A World's First Infrastructure in Fujian; EU's demands; US Travel Advisory Downgraded; Digital for Pigs

China-EU at Odds; ARM China; TikTok; Vaccine Lead; FDI Liberalization Pilot; Real Estate Prices Mixed; 2020 Graduate Jobs Report; US Ambassador Departs;China-India; Chinese Investment Firm Rises

Pork Brings CPI Down; TikTok; US Ambassador Resigns; JD Digits IPO; GNC Acquisition; People's Daily Op-Ed; Digitization in Govt; Delivery & Labor Right; China-US Restrictions; Disney Mulan Lose Lose

China's Export Rebound and Global Trade Reset

Huawei Tests Android Rival; Huawei/ZTE Take 42% global Market Share; Private Companies Top 500; Online Healthcare Regulation; SMIC; Australian Export Crash; Eurasian Trade Vision. Re-commerce Boom

Weaponizing US Treasury Possible; Chinese Quantum Computing Speed Surpasses US; China Crowned 3rd Richest; Large Agri Purchases; State Media Expands to Brussels; TikTok

Leadership Proposal in Global Data Security Governance; Export Shot Up; Digital Trade Drive; NEV Recovery; China-India, China Restricts Media Visas, Truck-hailing Unicorn

SMIC, Shareholders, Made in China 2025; Marriage of Data and 5G; Agricultural (In)Security; Banking Reform Stresses Party Leadership; Fines for Shadow Banking; Germany Promotes Asia Policy

"Splinternet" Is Here. What's Next?

Trinity of Trade Regime; Sichuan-Tibet Railway; Corporate Governance Reform, Cyber Clean-up, Bytedance Enters Fintech; Unipay Gone Cashless; China Mission Restrictions in US; Lending "Three Red Lines"

Garbage Classification; Plastic Ban;PBoC Benchmark Reform; Virgin Resource Tax; National Drive for EV; China's Satellite “Starlink"; US Defense White Paper; Czech;Germany; Tsingtao Sells Water

6 Landmark Reforms Tabled; Double Economic Cycles; Social Inequality Addressed; Uneven Recovery ; Banks forced to Reform; China's EU Visit; New Governing Rules for ListCos; Scholars Expelled in US

Tech Export Control; TikTok; European Visit Scorecard; BGI under Scrutiny; CN-Russia Year of Colab; Prominent Arrest; Yum China Dual Listing; PDD Clash with Tesla; Yiwu Index on US President 2020


TikTok Bidding; Huawei Lost Landmark Fight; Alibaba Buys 10% of China Broadcast Network; 1st Personal Bankruptcy Rule; Xiaomi, Mengniu, Didi in Capital Market; USTR Probes; Esper's Visit; Antitrust

Shenzhen 10,000 Folds in 40 years/Sanctions of 24 Chinese companies; China Wins Seat at ITLOS; Banks under Stress; Supreme Court Rule on Private Lending; Whirlpool Sells China Unit; Missiles into SCS

"3 Unchanges" in PBoC Policy; Fight over 1M Jobs; "Constructive" Trade Talk; Import Substitution; Maybe World's Biggest IPO; Constitutional Challenges by WeChat Users; DJI Fights US Suit; Film Fest

Landmark IPO Reform/ Xi's Economic Policy for Opening up, IP /Huawei's Kirin Swan Song/ TikTok Sues; Ali Appeases/China's fight for FDIs

DNC, RNC and China

Democratic Platform Removes a "One China" Policy Language; Trade Talk/Tariffs; Sinopharm Vaccine out in Dec. Tencent iQiYi Ban in Taiwan; Security Force Self-Cleansing Movement; Food Security; Unicorn

Nationwide Chemical Inspection; Stabilize Foreign Investment/Trade; TikTok/Oracle; Digital Governance Ranking; Canceled US-China Talk, China-AU trade surge

Toughest Sanction on Huawei; MOFCOM Devises "1+6" Platforms; State Council Monetary Fiscal Guidelines; RMB Intl Usage Hits Record; Buy More US Energy Exports;No renewal for State Media Visas.

Historic Long Vision 2035, Revival of Marxist Economics,Digital Currency Expands National Testing, Western Urbanization, Tencent-backed KE IPO in the US, Confucius Institute/Brookings under Fire

"Cold War"? Any Positives?

NPC Legislates Food Waste; Investigates US Antidumping; Wolf Warrior Diplomacy Softens; Conditions for Trade Deal; Public REITs Pilot; PBoC on Financial Liberalization; Monetary Policy; Sensetime

Call for Food Thrift; 5-8 Year to Chip Independence; Stability of Trade Concerns Employment; Chinese Fighter Jets Crossing Median Line of Taiwan Strait; JD Retail Merger Resumes; "Clean Network" Act

"1 Direction, 7 Theses, 5 Strengths"- Pivotal SOE Reform Plan; Financial Reform: Ex PBoC Gov'r Speaks; Bond Market Historic Synchronization;State Grid Quits Real Estate; China Tops Fortune Global 500

Tencent's $29B Investments in the US; Food Inflation over 10%; Trade and FDI Briefing; Possible Systemic Delisting of Chinese Firms by 2022, US-China Sanctions 11 Each, Fintech Unicorn Lufax

TikTok and WeChat's Strategic Response

Politburo Names "Domestic Economic Cycle" Key Pillar; Digital Currency in Large-Scale Test, Prominent Features Uncovered; Positions on South China Sea; 40% of global EV Battery Made by China

Huawei Launches "Nanniwan" Project to Break Blockade; Plan for a Global Center for RMB Assets; De-Dollarization; Deep Dive into China Standards 2035; TikTok's Bigger Brother TouTiao

10-Year Tax Waiver for ChipMakers; Hainan, on way to China’s Largest Special Economic Zone & Double Consumption; TikTok Chairman Addresses US Ban; FDI Deregulation in Focus; Chinese Feminism

TikTok Dilemma in US and China; Business & Investors behind Bytedance; Fate of WeChat; Huawei/ Qualcomm Deal, Chinese PPI, Corn Price Rise & US/CN Trade Deal, US Relief Benefits Chinese Firms

Communism Approval on the Rise, So is Populism. Two Landmark Studies and Debates from Harvard and the LSE. How do you Make Sense of it?

China 2020 Scorecard in Trade, FDI, FTAs; US's Impending Ban to Cut off China ICTs; State-backed Edtechs Surging, Tencent Takes US-listed Search Engine Private, a UK 40% Ed Revenue Fall, EV Unicorn(0)

A pivotal Government Reform Proposal Unveiled, from State-Owned Sector, Tariff Reduction, to Global FTA ambitions; Plans for alternative to SWIFT; A-Shares Bull Run; A Facial Recognition Unicorn

"Two New, One Major" Policy Speeds H2 Economy, Tightens Up Belts, Speeds Up Export Control Law, launches Mars Mission, Kicks-off National Pipeline Co. & Energy Reform, India Phases Out Chinese Apps(w)

"Two New, One Major" Policy Speeds H2 Economy, Tightens Up Belts, Speeds Up Export Control Law, launches Mars Mission, Kicks-off National Pipeline Co. & Energy Reform, India Phases Out Chinese Apps

China’s Response to US-China Diplomatic Crisis, China's Interpretation of US’s Baseline in its China Policy, Analysis on China's Breakthrough Liberalization since late June, Alibaba and WeChat.

China’s Response to US-China Diplomatic Crisis, China's Interpretation of US’s Baseline in its China Policy, Analysis on China's Breakthrough Liberalization since late June, Alibaba and WeChat.

WTO Candidacy and Consulate Closures

Causes, Methodology, Outcome and Counter Measures of US Strategy to Confront China, China Trade and Financial liberation Policies Insight, China's economic hurdles for H2 2020, Xi's visit to Jilin..

Implications of "Deportation" of Chinese Consulate Staff, Controversial Data Security Law in Close Examination, Xi Highlights Patriotism key to Entrepreneurship, NASDAQ-like STAR Board White Paper..

Implications of "Deportation" of Chinese Consulate Staff, Controversial Data Security Law in Close Examination, Xi Highlights Patriotism key to Entrepreneurship, NASDAQ-like STAR Board White Paper..

Highlights in 14th Five-Year Plan Draft to Lift China's Economy marking CPC's 100th year, 241 Chinese companies on US Blacklist, $86B investment in UK Chills, Major capital market Moves today

State Council in Action, Deep look in Q2 Economic Recovery, ChiNext Board Takeoff, Ant's $200B IPO, Central Bank Decision (July 20)

An Insider's Political Economic Views of China